Introduction to zkApe

This documentation covers all aspects of the zkApes Metaverse.
Welcome to your own personal guide to the zkApes Metaverse.
This handy repository is where you will find information on every aspect of zkApes (so far), and many exciting hints about things yet to come.
Please note, as the zkApes Metaverse project evolves, so has the method to inform current and potential zkApes Troopers. Like many projects, we began with a single, fixed roadmap, having now moved towards a flexible and dynamic archive of information that the zkApes team can update in response to new developments and progress.
You are welcome to read this entire document from start to finish, or jump around using the navigation panel to skip to a specific section you are most curious about. We have provided an overview of the project covering non-technical aspects and a more comprehensive and technical selection for those who want to learn every detail.
Keep in mind that this information is always subject to change as the project evolves and we explore the connection between cryptocurrency, gaming, and the virtual worlds of the metaverse.
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