zkApes metaverse(Apeverse) overview

zkApes is a metaverse project built on zkSync Era, we call Apeverse. Apeverse is a vibrant virtual space that hosts multiple interconnected forms of digital interaction and entertainment. Users can direct their fully customizable avatars through an immersive and engaging environment. Apeverse aims to bring people together from all around the world for entertainment, education, interaction, and expression.
Our lives and world are becoming unavoidably digitally connected. In a world where online interactivity was expedited through a global pandemic, authentic avenues for connection and individual expression became more necessary than ever. We are undeniably progressing towards a more technological future, one fraught with vested interests and ulterior motives. However, there are beacons of connection amidst a rapidly evolving and technologically engaged world.
Apeverse seeks to bring people from all over the globe together to interact with one another and participate in communal events and activities online. We seek to create a fair, equitable, entertaining, and sustainable environment for all to enjoy. zkApes primary goal is to encourage you to Be Yourself. We provide the tools for you to appear however you like, attend the events you wish to go to, connect with the people you'd like to talk to, and bring the ideas you have into reality.
The internet as it is in its current state is fragmented and isolated from various parts of itself. We engage with it in a two-dimensional way, navigating to webpages but never truly feeling immersed in it or connected with others on the platform. Co-opted by digital giants, the term 'metaverse' has grown to be associated with greedy corporations and unenticing virtual spaces. Instead, a 'metaverse' can represent a free and fair evolution of the current way in which we interface with a global network and one another.
By providing the means of self-expression and communication, the Apeverse aims to encourage each individual to be entirely themselves in a virtual environment there to improve their wellbeing and fulfilment in life. This is not a substitute for experiencing all the world has to offer, but instead is a bastion of ethical standards in an uncertain but increasingly complex technological future.
The natural progression of the internet is into a form that is more interactive, immersive, and accessible. One where we are represented in a way that reflects ourselves, where we can express ourselves adequately, and be free to do what we wish. This is Apeverse.
Apeverse is developing 9999 dynamic NFTs (dNFT), every Ape is original and unique, we are also the first Apes NFT on zkSync Era, you can exchange your NFT(AMM), play games, make money in Apeverse.
Apeverse is developing a whole metaverse ecosystem based on Apes NFTs (dNFTs), we have a detailed roadmap, we are developing 7 main products:
1.dNFT: The traits of NFTs will change as outer conditions. dNFT is popularity proof, super ID proof and influence proof in Apeverse. In Apeverse, dNFT is upgradeable, every dNFT has a unique contract. dNFT smart contracts are ready.
2. ApeX: the first NFTs DEX(AMM) on zksync, you can trade any NFTs and ERC20 tokens in ApeX. ApeX has a bonus system, everyone zkApes NFTs holders can benefit from ApeX. The Daily active users(DAU) is 2K now.
3. ApesDomains: The Apes domain of zkSync ecosystem, launched, more than 29K addresses are holding Apes Domains now.
4. ApeScan: the first NFT explorer of zkSync, aggregate all zksync NFTs in one place, launching soon.
5. ApesBank: Stake and earn, lend and earn in Apeverse.
6. Apescade: game center of Apeverse, 5 famous games have agreed to list on ApesArcade, including Crypto Maze.
7. ApesDAO: Community Governance in Apeverse.


The Apeverse Project is expanding rapidly in many directions. The scope is significant, and there are many aspects to digest and explore as you learn more about Apeverse. We suggest using this document as a guide to dive deeper into each section, and keep checking back here as it is updated and expanded upon to match updates and changes as they happen.