Email Recovery

In non-custodial smart contract wallets, if users lose their primary key due to various situations (such as forgetting or losing it), they will be unable to access and control their accounts. To address this issue, an effective account recovery mechanism needs to be implemented to replace the primary key and regain control of the account.

Currently, there are relatively few solutions available in the market for smart contract account recovery. Among the more notable ones is the social recovery method proposed by Argent. This approach requires users to designate other Argent accounts or EOA addresses as protectors, and account recovery is realized through multi-signature verification. This practice sets a higher requirement for the protectors, who must be blockchain users.

On the other hand, Ape Wallet has introduced an innovative email recovery solution, realized through on-chain email verification technology. Users simply need to select a few internet email addresses as protectors for their account and recover the account by sending emails to the chain. This method significantly lowers the barrier for protectors, enabling virtually anyone with an internet email address to qualify as a protector for a Ape account.

Within the Ape Wallet system, if users forget their password or lose control of their primary key, they can initiate the email recovery process. As long as the qualified protectors' email addresses send specific account recovery emails to the blockchain, the on-chain contract will verify the authenticity of the email. Once verified, the account recovery can be promptly completed. This process not only facilitates users but also offers a safe and reliable recovery mechanism.

Email Social Recovery

Now, you can not only use your own email as a guardian email to protect your Ape account but also designate family members, friends, or other trusted individuals as guardians of your account. They simply need to share an email address, and they can assist you in social recovery of your account by sending an email if you ever need to retrieve it.

With Ape Wallet's streamlined account creation process, even at the level of regular internet users, the threshold for account recovery guardians has been lowered to a universally accessible internet standard. This enhancement enables ordinary users to more easily manage, understand, and operate their smart contract accounts, truly making them both practical and convenient.

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