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Please note that roadmaps are subject to change based on time and development cycles.

zkApe New Era Roadmap:

Q3 2023:
  • Conceptualization of Apeverse
  • Introduction of the Apeverse entrance - ApeWallet
  • ApeWallet smart contract development
  • ApeWallet compatibility with ERC6551 and Account Abstraction
  • ApeWallet UI/UX design
  • Development of ApeWallet server-side begins
  • New official website UI/UX design
  • Development of new official website
  • Release of new roadmap
  • Release of new whitepaper
  • AppStore release
  • Social recovery in ApeWallet
  • UI/UX design for ApeWallet web version
Q4 2023:
  • zkSync Era Mainnet launch
  • Google Play release
  • ZNS supports ZAT for payments.
  • Design of ApeWallet Paymasters smart contract
  • Launch of Paymasters
  • Support for zkSync Era Paymasters
  • Launch of Ape Fusion
  • Release of CryptoQuests
  • Compatibility with Apex NFT marketplace
  • Compatibility with zkSync Domain Service (ZNS)
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Release of PTAMM (Permit-Token Automated Market Makers) V1
  • Ape Porter Technical Whitepaper
  • Ape Porter Testnet Released
  • Ape Porter SDK Released
  • Ape Porter Mainnet Released
  • Development of ERC6551 SDK
Q1 2024:
  • Launch of Staking
  • Release of veToken design
  • Release of ERC6551 SDK
  • Design of PTAMM (Permit-Token Automated Market Makers) V2
  • Multi-Layer2 Chain Support
Q2 2024:
  • Collaboration with web2/web3 gaming companies
  • More (To be announced)