The Web3 Gateway of zkApe

With the dawn of the zkApe era, we present everyone with a bridge to the Web3 world – the Ape Wallet. Serving as a cornerstone of Apeverse, it's designed to open the doors of Web3 to all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Efficient Solution on zkSync: Ape Wallet harnesses the power of account abstraction smart contracts on zkSync Era, ensuring transactions are economically efficient and secure.

  • Advanced Security Features: Beyond traditional measures, we've introduced innovative functionalities like social recovery to further bolster the security of the wallet.

  • Seamless User Experience: By eliminating the need for private keys and GAS, we make it effortless for a vast number of Web2 users to dive into Web3 applications without complexities.

  • Flexible Transaction Fee Payment: Users can pay transaction fees with any token, ensuring both flexibility and convenience in the transaction process.

  • Multi-Platform Support: The Ape Wallet isn't restricted to just one platform. Our goal is to cover all mainstream platforms, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

  • Full Compatibility with Latest Standards: Fully compatible with ERC-4337 account abstraction and ERC-6551, Ape Wallet remains at the forefront of smart contract wallet solutions.

  • Token Bound Accounts

    Ape wallet is compatible with the ERC6551, turning your NFT into a wallet.

  • Censorship resistance

    Users have full control of their accounts without relying on any third-party service.

  • On-chain Email recovery

    Users can set up guardians using only their emails. When account recovery is needed, they can easily do so by asking their guardians to submit emails appropriately.

  • Dynamic NFT (dNFT): The Future of Smart Contract Accounts

    In our vision, each smart contract account is more than just a digital contract; it's a dynamic NFT (dNFT). With the integration of the ERC6551 protocol, any traditional NFT can now be transformed into a smart contract account, bestowing it with enhanced functionality and versatility.

  • Pioneering the zkSync Era: Ape NFT

    We not only embrace this innovative concept but have also launched the first Ape NFT in the zkSync era. This not only signifies the beginning of a new epoch but also heralds endless possibilities and opportunities.

  • Metaverse Ecosystem Centered on Ape Wallet

    Our ambitions extend beyond just a wallet. The Ape Wallet is just the beginning — we are actively crafting a comprehensive metaverse ecosystem centered around the Ape Wallet, aiming to deliver a more immersive and holistic Web3 experience for all users.

We are committed to offering the finest Web3 experience to every user, no matter where they come from. Join us and step into the new age of Apeverse!

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