Why we choose zkSync Era?

zkSync Era has many incomparable advantages over other L2 solutions.

zkSync Era is accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.

zkSync Era has the same core value with us: Fairness, Inclusion, and Resilience.

zkSyncโ€™s technical advantage:

1.Zero reliance on 3rd parties.

2.Permissionless EVM-compatible smart contracts.

3.Standard Web3 API.

4.Preserving key EVM features.

General Questions

Q: What is Ape Wallet? A: Ape Wallet is a smart contract wallet built on the zkSync Era. It aims to improve the user experience by eliminating the need for private keys and gas fees, and offers advanced features such as social recovery and multi-token fee payment options.

Q: What blockchain does Ape Wallet operate on? A: Ape Wallet is built on the zkSync Era.

Account and Security

Q: How do I register for a Ape Wallet account? A: You can register using your email and password, without the need for a secret phrase or private key.

Q: How can I recover my Ape Wallet if I lose access? A: Ape Wallet allows for on-chain email recovery. You can set up signer using your email, and in case of account loss, the signer can help you recover the account.

Q: What measures are in place to ensure my account is secure? A: Ape Wallet uses advanced smart contract technologies and offers features like on-chain email recovery and censorship resistance, giving users full control over their accounts without third-party involvement.


Q: What are Token Bound Accounts? A: Token Bound Accounts are a feature that turns your NFT into a wallet, thanks to its compatibility with the new ERC-6551 standard.

Q: What does "gasless" mean? A: In the context of Ape Wallet, "gasless" means that you have the option to pay transaction fees using any token you own. Additionally, someone else (like a Dapp) can pay the gas fees for you, offering a truly gasless experience.

Q: What platforms are supported by Ape Wallet? A: Ape Wallet aims to support all platforms, including website, mobile, and browser extensions. It is also compatible with major libraries and frameworks like web3modal and Wallet Connect.

Data and Privacy

Q: How does Ape Wallet protect my privacy? A: Ape Wallet uses advanced smart contract technologies and offers features like on-chain email recovery and censorship resistance, providing users full control over their accounts without third-party involvement.

Q: Does Ape Wallet store my personal information? A: Based on the information provided, Ape Wallet aims to give users complete control over their accounts without relying on any third-party services, which should mean your information is secure.


Q: What does Token Bound Account (TBA) mean?

A: A "Token Bound Account" is a smart contract account, controlled by an NFT. It can do everything a normal wallet can do and is compatible with every NFT you already own.

Q: Iโ€™ve seen other projects where NFTs can own assets. How is ERC-6551 different?

A: Our implementation focuses on ease of use and adoption. Unlike other proposals and projects, Ape wallet works with no action needed by project owners, no wrapping contracts, and no change to the ERC-721 standard. Most importantly, every ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT you already own works with Ape wallet Accounts โ€” projects and creators donโ€™t need to deploy a whole new contract to use Ape wallet, and you can start using ERC-6551 immediately.

Q: Why is ERC-6551 important? Why should I care?

A: Digital collectibles/art are the future of creation. More than ever, people around the world are using technology to create digital goods such as NFTs. ERC-6551 is the most effective way to increase the surface area of interaction for NFTs. It was designed to be easily adopted by existing marketplaces, wallets, and dapps. It is permissionless and decentralized so that no single company owns your NFTโ€™s wallet. When it comes to token provenance ERC-6551 allows your NFT to have an on-chain identity where history is created from the NFT itself rather than your wallet.

Q: How do I know if my NFT has an account/wallet address?

A: Every NFT already has an Address we can compute using Ape Factory. You can view the tokens inside of your Ape Accounts on https://zkape.io/.

Q: What can I put in my NFTโ€™s token bound account?

A: Absolutely anything you would put into your old wallet. ETH, USDC, ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and any other tokens you would normally send to your Metamask, Ledger, etc.

Q: Can I trust my NFTโ€™s wallet?

A: We take security seriously and we have already completed a preliminary audit with ape before launch.

Q: Can I nest my Token Bound NFTs inside of each other?

A: Yes! Since every NFT is a Token Bound Account, there are no limits to how many tokens you may have nested in your NFTs, or how far down you go. If you want to put an NFT inside of an NFT inside of an NFT you can. When you transfer that NFT to someone else, everything inside automatically goes along with it. This opens up many new patterns of bundling NFTs together for trading, gaming, governance and more.

Q: What are some of the core use cases for ERC-6551?

A: The possibilities of Ape accounts are only limited by our imaginations. However, some clear use cases that have emerged are:

  • Inventory system for owning items, outfits, equipment

  • Community loyalty or reputation systems

  • Minting or curating baskets of assets (art, collectibles, defi)

  • Composable media structures (stems to songs, art layers to painting, digital textiles to garments)

  • New on-chain game mechanics

  • On-chain meme/derivative economies

  • NFTs as onboarding vehicles instead of wallets

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