Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Building decentralized digital identities for the world

Use .zk domains as your:
  • Universal username across apps
  • Payment address for wallets
  • Worldwide website address
  • Universal across websites

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will I be able to transfer my domain?

Yes. The domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet. After you mint your domain on the blockchain, you can transfer it anywhere you like.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use with my domain?

You can currently receive all tokens to simplify payments.

To register a new .zk name, what are the format requirements?

  • Name length: at least 3 characters.
  • Case sensitive: only lowercase letters allowed, no capital letters.
  • Certain characters including “:”, “/” are not supported.
  • Emojis are generally supported.
  • Different languages are generally supported.

Once I own a name, can I create my own subdomains?

Yes. You can create whatever subdomains you wish and assign ownership of them to other people if you desire. e.g. your own zksync.zk you can create subdomains like alice.zksync.zk, bob.zksync.zk and so forth.

What does it cost to register a .zk domain?

Currently, registration costs are set at the following prices:
  • 5+ character .zk names: Free to use for 3 months, $5 after expiration.
  • 4 character .zk names: $150 in ETH per year.
  • 3 character .zk names $500 in ETH per year.
3 and 4 character names have higher pricing to reflect the small number of these names available.

What is a primary name? And why shall I set a primary name?

A primary name makes your zkSync address point to your .zk name (a process formally called Reverse Resolution), such that you will be able to see your .zk name displayed in partner dApps, replacing the complex addresses to achieve an improved interface.Setting your primary name only requires a small amount of gas fee and we encourage everybody to do it, as it is a vital step to make your .zk name a central piece to your web3 identity.

Which wallets and dApps support ZNS so far?

While zkSync is still in its early stages, we aim to integrate .zk domain names with all native and trusted zkSync platforms, this includes wallets, block explorers, NFT platforms, and dApps.

What happens if I forget to extend the registration of a name?

After your name expires, there is a 90-day grace period in which the owner can't edit the records but can still re-register the name. After the grace period, the name is released for registration by anyone with a temporary premium which decreases over a 28 days period to its default pricing (see above). The released name continues to resolve your zk address until the new owner overwrites it.