What is zkApes?

zkApes is a metaverse project built on zkSync Era. We are developing 9999 dynamic NFTs (dNFT), every Ape is original and unique, we are also the first Apes NFT on zkSync. zkApes are developing metaverse, we call Apeverse, you can exchange your NFT(AMM), play games, make money in Apeverse.

Why we choose zkSync?

zkSync has many incomparable advantages over other L2 solutions.
zkSync is accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.
zkSync has the same core value with us: Fairness, Inclusion, and Resilience.

zkSync’s technical advantage:

1.Zero reliance on 3rd parties.
2.Permissionless EVM-compatible smart contracts.
3.Standard Web3 API.
4.Preserving key EVM features.

What are the benefits of holding zkApes NFT?

1.Dividend from ApeX DEX income.

ApeX is the first AMM protocol for NFTs on zkSync, countless projects and traders will trade on ApeX. ApeX will charge 0.3% fee for every transaction, this is mandatory, 95% will allocate to zkApe NFTs holders, 5% is for technology development. Meanwhile, we can use the income to buyback zkApes NFTs, but we will not burn them.

2.dNFT airdrop

dNFT is popularity proof, super ID proof and influence proof in Apeverse. We will give 1:1 airdrop to zkApes NFT holders, in Apeverse, dNFT is upgradeable, every dNFT has a unique contract.

3.zkApes token airdrop.

zkApes will have DeFi ecosystem, staking, lending, etc. So we will release launch zkApes token, before DeFi launches, we will give an airdrop to all zkApe NFTs holders, our early supporters, contributors.
We are updating zkApes NFT properties continuously! zkApes NFT value will increase continuously.

Apart from NFTs which other future plan or use case do we have for zkApes?

According to our roadmap, we are building Apeverse, what is Apeverse? We connect all Apes in one Metaverse, you can exchange your NFT(ApeX), play games(Arena, PTE), make money(Defi) in Apeverse.

Will we have zkApes coin?

What needs to be emphasized is that we will have ONLY one token, zkApes token will be used as the medium of exchange in the Apeverse where users can buy, sell, and trade in-game assets and NFTs (dNFTs). zkApes token itself is secure, transparent, sustainable, and fair. zkApes token will be the currency of the Apeverse and (like all cryptocurrencies) can be bought and sold for conventional fiat currencies to support people’s real-world needs.

How will we sell zkApes NFTs?

The minting price will still 0.08ETH/NFT for public sale, we have assessed the price from many NFT projects, it is a very reasonable price, zkApes NFTs are precious, we should make most of people can afford to buy one, we dont want most of our NFTs bought by whales or bots.

Who can get zkApes dNFT?

Only zkApes NFTs holders(NOT WL winners) will get dNFT airdrop, you can buy zkApes NFTs from secondary market before dNFT airdrop, we will give a snapshoot for zkApes NFT holders before the airdrop. So I suggest you hold your precious zkApes NFTs.