Welcome to the official documentation for zkApe, your gateway to the innovative and expanding world of NFT infrastructure on the zkSync Era. Dive into the details of our leading-edge project, understand our product offerings, and explore the unique features that set zkApe apart in the realm of blockchain technology. Our commitment is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge needed to leverage the full potential of NFTs in the zkSync ecosystem.

zkApe Introduction

zkApe is at the forefront of the ERC6551 protocol within the zkSync Era, providing a suite of powerful APIs, SDKs, and tools designed to revolutionize the way NFT account bindings are created and scaled. Embracing the robustness of zkSync's Layer-2 solutions, zkApe aims to deliver a seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience for developers and users alike. Whether you are looking to innovate in the NFT space or searching for a reliable infrastructure to support your digital assets, zkApe stands ready to meet your needs.

Products and Features

Ape Porter

ApePorter is the cornerstone of zkApe's product lineup, offering a comprehensive development kit tailored for the ERC6551 protocol. It is the one-stop solution for developers to manage blockchain identities and assets efficiently and securely.

Ape Connect

Built upon WalletConnect, Ape Connect introduces an enhanced way to link wallets using NFT addresses, names, or ZNS (zkSync Name Service) names. It streamlines the process of wallet connections, enabling a more personalized and user-centric blockchain experience.

Ape Wallet

A pioneer on the zkSync platform, Ape Wallet is the first of its kind to offer account abstraction and an ERC6551 wallet. It redefines the user experience by combining ease of use with advanced security features, setting a new standard for digital wallets in the blockchain space.

zkSync NFT Name Service

The zkSync Name Service, or ZNS, is zkSync's premier NFT domain and social service platform, which allows for the naming of NFTs. ZNS simplifies the interaction with blockchain assets by replacing complex addresses with human-readable names, facilitating a more accessible and memorable approach to asset management.
zkApe is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain utility, offering products that blend innovation with user accessibility. Through our documentation, you'll gain insights into how to effectively utilize these tools to forge a path in the dynamic landscape of NFTs. Join us on this journey and leverage zkApe to unlock new possibilities in the blockchain domain.